Out-of-the-box Metrics for Your Industry

Data Connectors

Your Data
Quickly integrate your 1st party data, such as data warehouses, lakes, ERP systems, CRM, web and mobile channels, store/branch systems, support systems, etc.
2nd Party Data
Leverage data from partners, vendors and merchants to enrich your understanding of each customer - connecting the customer experience beyond owned channels.
Connect with advertisers to engage and gain insights across your paid channels. Optimizing ad spend and identifying channels most likely to succeed.
Integrate online and offline, owned and paid channels to deliver a seamless, fully connected omni-channel experience.
3rd Party Data
Integrate 3rd party data sources and enrich your Customer DNA profiles with an additional layer of actionable, individualized, customer insights.
Internet of Things
Our CDP's open data foundation and flexibility allows for extensive and robust integration with connected devices.